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To become a globally recognized, prestigious company in coir industry through synergistic business investment, differentiation through innovation, passion through empowerment, cost through economies of scale and world class systems and procedures that bring in delight of our customers.


To enhance the wealth generating capability of the company in a globalizing environment, within the framework of law, and to benefit society at large through Innovation, Quality, Productivity, Human Development and Growth.


To continuously increase our market share by giving our customer better value-for-money and to provide professional, efficient and cost effective timely service to our customer.


(1)Commitment to society/nation

We respect the society and the environment to which we belong and will contribute to its progress and welfare.

(2)Strictly prohibit Child labour

We strictly take care of not to entertain child labour in manufacture of our products.

(3)Passion for quality

Strive to create products with substance, that are the best in class. Never compromise on quality. Give our customer better value-for-money, always.


We stand for truth, fairness and justice in all our business and individual dealing - without this spirit, no man can win respect no matter how capable he may be.

(5)People - our greatest assets

We value good people. It is our responsibility to create actively and constantly an environment that supports them to grow and flourish.

(6)Harmony and co-operation

Alone we are weak. Together we are strong. Work together as a family in mutual trust and responsibility.

(7)Courtesy and Humility

Respect the right of others. Be cordial, modest and humble. Praise and encourage freely.

(8)Strive for continuous improvement ( KAIZEN )

Seek and find in every action a way to do things better, always better.


Growth is vital. Increasingly seek out ways and means to constantly move forward.


Progress by adjusting to ever-changing environment around us. As the world moves forward, we must keep-in-step.


Always repay the kindness of our customers, associates, community, nation and friends worldwide with gratitude.




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